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Elawa Farm Open Year Round




This class will familiarize students to the basic workings of their cameras and build their confidence shooting in the field.  We will explore the topics of composition, exposure and flash.

TUESDAY |  APRIL 4  |  10:30 - noon   $50/per person

TUESDAY  |  May 2 |  10:30 - noon  $50/per person

THURSDAY  |  June 1  |  10:30 - noon  $50/per person

For example:

-  camera menu short cuts

-  basic manual setting

-  understanding of depth of field (aperture, shutter speed)

-  ISO

-  targeting shooting automatic modes (ex. portait, landscape)

-  composition "rules"

-  flash options

-  focal point lock

-  exposure compensation

-  relationship between shooter and subject

-  free apps for editing and publishing (ex. custom fine art books)

-  recommended sites for uploading to share and publish

-  suggested sites for continued online learning tutorials

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